Uli Nagel

has been passionate about sports and exercise since she was a child. She studied gymnastics in Germany where she was born, and at the age of nine started teaching and assisting younger children. She practiced many physical disciplines formally and informally: Tai Chi, Qi Gong, ballet, jazz, modern dance and yoga, and has also trained in several kinds of massage. In 1995, while living in Australia, a friend recommended that she try Pilates to alleviate a back problem. Uli was amazed how, after just a few weeks, the Pilates training not only helped her back but noticeably strengthened her whole body. She was hooked. Three years later in 1998, she moved to New York City to take a Pilates teacher-training with Romana Kryzanowska. A highly respected teacher, Romana was known at the time for offering the most thorough and complete Pilates training program. Uli passed her exam in December 1999 and has since been teaching Pilates in NYC gyms, health centers, and at her own studio Pilates in the Berkshires. In her spare time, Uli loves to hike, bike, cook, meditate and works as a climate advocate.

Kim Conley

Kim Conley

For the past 14 years, Kim Conley has been teaching fitness classes to people of all ages and abilities throughout the Berkshires. She enjoys making physical activity accessible for every body and is committed to helping students arrive at a place of self-acceptance where they feel successful, content and motivated in their wellness journeys. Her eclectic career has kept her creatively stimulated and has contributed to the breadth of her world view. After graduating in 1980 with a BS in Communications Disorders from Boston University’s Sargent College, she worked with an international pharmaceutical company While pursuing her MA in Media Studies at The New School for Social Research, she transitioned to teaching Kindergartners at Lexington School for the Deaf in Queens, NY. In the Berkshires in 1988, she became involved in the local arts community. In 1999, while recovering from spinal surgery, Kim began regularly attending Yoga classes at Kripalu. Seeing firsthand the amazing therapeutic benefits of Yoga, she was inspired to complete Kripalu’s Yoga Teacher Training in 2001. Her training expanded to Mat Pilates in 2002, Ball Pilates in 2004, Zumba, Zumba Gold and Zumba Toning from 2008 to 2012 and, most recently, Polestar Pilates, a rehabilitation-focused approach to classical Pilates. In addition to her teaching, Kim is in the process of revising a novel she has written and hopes to have published in 2016.

Jenny Gadbois

Jenny discovered Pilates as an effective rehabilitation modality for a lumbar/sacrum injury. She has always enjoyed being active – hiking, skiing, mountain biking, camping – and found Pilates to be a missing element in her life. Although she was strong, her body lacked core awareness. The back injury forced Jenny to give up most of the activities that brought her joy. Over the course of 2 years, her commitment to a routine Pilates practice gave it all back, and so much more. As a seasoned teacher and practitioner, Jenny has integrated the fundamental Pilates principles – breath, centering, focus, flow, concentration, harmony – into all aspects of life, on and off the mat.

In 2004, Jenny studied with Richard Rossiter and Bonnie Clark at Pilates of Boulder, mentored with Kathleen Harper of Balanced Body in Colorado Springs, CO and lived for one month at the Yandara ashram to complete her Yoga instructor immersion training. She opened her own studio – Integrative Health – that same year. In 2007, Jenny began a 3-year study on Pilates and aging and developed the highly successful Pilates for Seniors program in Colorado Springs. After re-settling in southern California in 2010, Jenny pursued an Associates Degree in Nutritional Science, with a special focus on plant-based nutrition.  In 2012, she connected with Arielle Whitman of Club Pilates Studios and became a master trainer for their Teacher Training and Continuing Education Credit programs. Regarding her own education, Jenny mentored with Amy Lange of Pacific Pilates in Solana Beach, CA, and also passed the rigorous PMA certification exam in 2016.

Jenny’s current passion is for Fascia Anatomy and Tissue Resilience, which she studied with Thomas Myers of Anatomy Trains.

traci photoTraci Peters

An Albany, N.Y.native, Traci earned a B.A. in dance from The State University of New York at Buffalo.  It is there that she began her Pilates training.  After graduating, she headed to New York City to pursue her dance career.  While in New York, she danced with The Lexington Dance Collective, of which she was a founding member, and Vanessa Paige Dance.  She also produced, choreographed and performed her own work.  As a professional dancer, Pilates and Yoga became a strong part of Traci’s way to stay injury free, and in 2006 she became a Certified Mat Instructor through Core Pilates NYC.  After seeing the immediate benefits this work brought to her very broad range of clients, she became Comprehensively Certified through Power Pilates in 2008.  In the two years to follow, she was fortunate enough to teach at Body Tonic in Brooklyn, N.Y., owned by Jennifer Deluca, trained by Joseph Pilates protégé, Romana Kryzanowska, and at Equinox Fitness, voted Best Gym in America by Fitness Magazine in 2010.  Now back in the Albany area, Traci teaches at the only Participating Power Pilates Training studio in the Albany area: Core Pilates. In 2012, she was honored by being asked to be a part of Body Tonic’s Teacher Training.  It is with delight that she brings her teaching skills, and absolute love for Pilates to Pilates in the Berkshires.

Wyn Hayes

Wyn  was introduced to Pilates during her early training as a dancer. She studied and performed with major dance companies in New York City and toured internationally. She approaches the Pilates method in the belief that its ability to foster deep body awareness allows practitioners to access the body’s inherent restorative potential. Pilates is a tool for creating alignment, developing core strength, and balancing muscle groups for efficient movement patterns. Pilates enabled Wyn to extend her career, injury free, as a professional dancer for more than 35 years. In her sessions, Wyn engages the whole person. She has a keen eye for structural imbalances and attends to the specific needs of each client.   Her years of yoga practice inform her approach to teaching Pilates. Wyn also practices Thai Yoga Massage. Based on her training with “Music Together”, she enjoys exploring music and movement with pre-school children. “When we approach Pilates  with a spirit of exploration, and discovery , it becomes a very engaging and fun form of exercise.”