“After only 7 Pilates sessions, I’m already feeling much stronger and am standing up straighter. My friends have noticed. Uli Nagel is truly the best Pilates teacher I’ve ever encountered. I would highly recommend her.” – Fred Hochberg, MD

“I have studied with Uli for close to 12 years now. She has the rare gift of individualizing the lessons so that I always leave encouraged by the progress I made and look forward to more.  At 70, thanks to Pilates, I think I’m in better shape than when I was much younger, and I am very grateful for that!” – Selina Morris

“Working with Uli at Pilates in the Berkshires has taken my practice to a whole other level—it’s her way of adapting the best of what Pilates has to offer to the particular needs of my body.” – Diane Trotterman

“Of all the exercise methods I’ve tried Pilates is giving me the best results. After each session, I know I’ve worked and stretched all the muscles in my body, and I’m not sore the next day. I’ve made a lot of progress in the Pilates sessions with Uli since my hip replacement and always feel very safe.” – Michael Miller

“The kind of stretch you get from the Pilates equipment is just unparalleled. For that alone it’s worth going—I can’t get enough of it! Pilates training reaches the cobwebs in my body like nothing else does.” – Karen Carhardt

“What I like most about Pilates training and especially Ulis work is the integration of mind and body—I’m concentrated and thinking about what I’m doing, which has a much deeper affect than just the physical.” – Elyse Furlong

“The Pilates work-out helps me to balance the strains that running and kick-boxing place on my body. It helps me to stay flexible as well.” – Kristin Lincoln

“After only 3 lessons with Uli, people were telling me I looked taller and straighter.”             – Mary Jo Friedman

“Pilates helps me to let go of the tension in my shoulders. It also helps me to focus. I’m too restless to do yoga, but with Pilates there are not a lot of repetitions and you’re constantly moving.” – Anne Rothenberg

“Pilates makes me stronger, but not tense. It reaches all parts of the body and the stretches are just the best!” – Dorothee Weber