Power Plate

Exercises on the Power Plate allow you to benefit from acceleration or vibration-technology. Designed in Russia in the 1970s to assist cosmonauts in regaining muscle strength lost during their time outside the gravitational field, this technology multiplies the impact of any exercise. I’m not easily impressed by exercise equipment, but I’ve been truly amazed by how deeply this technology helps to work not just your body, but also your nervous and lymphatic systems, and even your brain!

The Power Plate does not substitute for your own effort and time, but powerfully enhances any workout. It is particularly useful in recovering from injuries, preventing bone loss, and improving circulation. Even some multiple sclerosis patients have found this technology to be extraordinarily helpful. And for those who cannot walk or stand well, it gives a way to work out the legs and buttocks.

For more information about vibration technology go to: www.powerplate.com