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“Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor” – Joseph Pilates

After much thought, discussion and deliberation regarding the transmission risks associated with the novel corona virus and COVID-19, we at Pilates in the Berkshires have determined that the best course of action is to continue offering our skilled teaching services online. Although many types of businesses are reopening at this time, the intimate nature of studio work positions us in a high-risk category. The prospect of contributing to a single individual becoming infected places a significant sense of responsibility on us, both personally and professionally. After reviewing the safety precautions being taken by similar businesses we decided the best course of action is to continue along the current course, relying on Zoom to connect us. We plan to reevaluate this decision in the fall.

In a time of great uncertainty, we can trust that our commitment to nourish our well-being and to remain active and healthy are worthy endeavors. The principles of Pilates method – centering, control, concentration, precision, breathing and flowing movements – are not dependent on a particular piece of equipment. A clear, quiet space at home with a yoga mat is all that is required for you to develop the body/mind/spirit connection.

We hope that you will pursue Pilates online with Pilates in the Berkshires.


Would you like to be really strong? Improve your posture? Do you have back pain? Or are you recovering from an injury? Maybe you’d like to be able to run, row, swim, or perform another sport more effectively and have more fun with it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, and you’re between 15 and 95, the Pilates Method can help you.

Pilates is one of the most popular, successful, and time-proven exercise systems today. Focusing on the core muscles, Pilates exercises not only increase strength, but also flexibility, balance, concentration, and coordination. With over 300 movements to choose from, every session can be tailor-made for your specific needs. At Pilates in the Berkshires, we carefully assess your physical condition and goals and design the perfect program for you.

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“When we approach Pilates  with a spirit of exploration, and discovery , it becomes a very engaging and fun form of exercise. ” – Wyn Hayes, teacher at Pilates in the Berkshires. Read her story on the instructors page.

Update mat classes:

Mondays at 11am, Wednesdays at 10am and Fridays at 10.15am on zoom.

Please contact us at uli@pilatesintheberkshires.com for the links.

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