Welcome to Pilates in the Berkshires

Would you like to be really strong? Improve your posture? Do you have back pain? Or are you recovering from an injury? Maybe you’d like to be able to run, row, swim, or perform another sport more effectively and have more fun with it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, and you’re between 15 and 95, the Pilates Method can help you.

Pilates is one of the most popular, successful, and time-proven exercise systems today. Focusing on the core muscles, Pilates exercises not only increase strength, but also flexibility, balance, concentration, and coordination. With over 300 movements to choose from, every session can be tailor-made for your specific needs. At Pilates in the Berkshires, we carefully assess your physical condition and goals and design the perfect program for you.

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“When we approach Pilates  with a spirit of exploration, and discovery , it becomes a very engaging and fun form of exercise. ” – Wyn Hayes, teacher at Pilates in the Berkshires. Read her story on the instructors page.

Update mat classes:

Mondays at 12.15 at our studio at 100 Columbia St., taught by Kim Conley

Fridays at noon at Rhythms in Lenox taught by Jenny Gadbois

Please contact us in advance to confirm a space: 413-329 3514.

Thank you!